Blossom Bikeaway

April 2021

Lose yourself in the countryside around the Vale of Evesham as it erupts into delightful blossom and acascade of colour as spring returns, making it the perfect time to get back on the saddle, feet on the pedals and enjoy the picturesque views. Enjoy the option of three routes ranging from 11 – 58 miles and witness the picturesque views in the heart of Worcestershire.

This year we are doing things a little differently…

Due to the COVID pandemic, we cannot hold the blossom bikeaway event as normal this year but that doesn’t mean its cancelled! This year, we are holding a ‘cycally- distanced’ bikeaway, giving you the whole month of April to sign up and complete the blossom bikeaway in your own time with your household bubbles. To keep everyone safe, please ensure you follow the latest government guidelines whilst taking part. The sign-up process is the same as usual, with those entrants who make a donation being delivered a medal after completing a route.

Blossom Bikeaway 2021 Art Competition

In addition to offering the cycally-distanced Blossom ride – new for this year, we are also offering cyclists the opportunity to decorate their bikes with blossom inspired “up cycled” adornments.