Blossom Bikeaway

18 April 2021

Lose yourself in the countryside around the Vale of Evesham as it erupts into delightful blossom and acascade of colour as spring returns, making it the perfect time to get back on the saddle, feet on the pedals and enjoy the picturesque views. Enjoy the option of three routes ranging from 11 – 58 miles and witness the picturesque views in the heart of Worcestershire.

Artist Required

We intend to promote the event to a wider audience in the area including young families. We would like to commission a visual artist with video editing skills, to design and make some blossom inspired decoration for bikes, and, film an online video tutorial showing how it can be recreated. This video will be aimed at young people and shared with schools and other community groups in the district.

01386 565564

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