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The Blossom Bikeaway is a family cycling event which provides the opportunity to enjoy fantastic views during the blossom season and raise money for local charities. We intend to promote the event to a wider audience in the area including young families. We would like to commission a visual artist with video editing skills, to design and make some blossom inspired decoration for bikes, and, film an online video tutorial showing how it can be recreated. This video will be aimed at young people and shared with schools and other community groups in the district. 


Artists are invited to complete an application form which can be downloaded from the Bikeaway Ventures website. Completed applications should be emailed to Caroline Tredwell


The proposal should reference the blossom theme in an interesting way and also prioritise the use of found materials through ‘upcycling’. An in- depth consideration of the safety of the bike decoration during both the making process and whilst displayed on a moving bike will also need to be demonstrated. Please also state what relevant experience you have working with this age group and producing online video content. 


Proposals will need to be received via the email below by Monday 4 January. We will let the successful artist know by Friday 8 January.  The deadline for submission of the video will be 12 February 2021. We hope to send the videos to schools and share on social media just after the February half term. We will be asking all the young makers to submit a photograph of their finished work to enter in to a competition for the winning Blossom Bikeaway decoration. The deadline for this will be 31 March 2021. The photographs will be on display at Hampton Ferry, Evesham from the Easter weekend until Sunday 18 April. The artist will not be expected to collate and exhibit the photographs, this will be undertaken by a member of the Blossom Bikeaway team. 


The fee for this work is £300 inclusive of all costs. Please contact Caroline Tredwell, Wychavon Arts Development Officer if you have any further questions.

01386 565564

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